In a “wal” nut shell

It’s all about the FLAVOUR!

Hi I’m Dimitra a Greek Cypriot girl born and raised in London.

I have a degree in Interior & Spatial Design and I love shoes, the higher and thinner the heel the better.

I’m a mother to 2 curly big haird girls and wife to my best friend.

WHAT IS ggmix?

ggmix is the sibling to ggcards, a greeting card company I created in 2009 when I noticed a lack of cards representing biracial and different enthic backgrounds.  Click here for more info on ggcards.

ggmix is the place I share my sweet and savory moreish recipes.

I focus on balancing flavours and bringing opposites together to ignite the tastebuds and leave you wanting more, because lets keep it real when we eat something that tastes good we go back for more and the reason always boiling down to it being

“all about the FLAVOUR”.

Want to know more about flavour pairing? Click here

You’ll also find baking, caking and decorating tips and tricks with clear and simple step by step instructions that at the end of the day even a novice will end up producing edible masterpieces.

If you were wondering what ggmix stands for it’s Greek Ghana Mix. Myself being the Greek, my husband the Ghana and my girls the Mix. It originated from my oldest daughter who used to say she was Greek Ghana when she was little.



I made my own wedding cake after I was told we’d have to pay over £1000 for a plain white fondant covered 8 tiered cake.


Now let me tell you something for nothing.

I wasn’t going to pay over £1000 for a PLAIN CAKE.

Do you know how many pairs of shoes I can buy with £1000!

The only alternative was to make it myself because I wanted an extravegent cake big enough to feed all our guests without the £1000 price tag.

I was up for the challenge. A little nervous though, because my sweet talents were in desserts rather than cake decorating but I took the chance, and after weeks of research and sketching, I designed my dream wedding cake.

It incorporated every element of our wedding, the snow, centerpieces, colour scheme, flowers, lighting, decorations and my dress.

Now here’s the best bit. I baked, stacked and decorated it all for under £100

I also bought a few pairs of shoes too (“,)




You’ll find me with sweet smooth chocolatey  ganach all over my face, not because I’ve been eating it.

Well ………. OK maybe a little (“,).

Yellow food gel stained hands

and my ears guiding me through the thick cloud of icing sugar seperating me from my girls who are running around singing into my rolling pin ‘microphone’.

Only after I have sung and shaken my booty for them it is given back to me and I can get back to what I was doing 20 minutes before….

roll out my canary yellow fondant

and cover my chocolatey ganached lemon cake.



Being Greek I’m used to having lots of different foods with varying flavours on the table at dinner time like koupepia (stuffed vine leaves), moussaka, keftedes, pourgouri (cracked wheat pilatf), Greek salad, houmous, taramosalata ,tzanziki, olives and bread to scoop up the dips, soak up all the juices and wipe the plate clean.  So when people tell me,

“I don’t eat this!” or

“I don’t eat that!” and

“I only eat this!”

I’m like



Do you know what you’re missing and how deprived your tastebuds must be?”

Now I understands we all have things we don’t like (mine being game, duck and tumeric mainly because of their smell) and some people don’t eat certain foods for health and religious reasons.

But come on! You should at least try something before you say you don’t like it.

Why am I telling you all this?

Well my hubby who’ll try anything once is my taster and approver for every recipe I publish. So you have the guarrantee that approval has come from a versatile pallette.

Even if it’s from someone who wants to try squirrel!



I am not a trained photographer, apart from the few weeks I did photography at university when I did my Art & Design Foundation course. But I love taking photos mainly of my family and food and I try my best to capture the mouth watering, tasty, deliciousness infront of me on camera.

All photography on ggmix is taken on my Nikon D3300 camera.

My pride and joy!

I worked hard to get it.

Really hard!

Like physically, sweaty, push  up, sit up, burpee, squat, face plant into the floor tired hard.

You see I made a deal with my husband that if I got a flat stomach he’d buy me a new camera as my reward.  And after       months of grueling HIIT workouts I finally did and I got my camera and now I’m getting on every ones nerves constantly taking photos (“,)



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Videos are also taken on my Nikon D3300 camera and music is produced by DJ Madmixer aka my husband.

A little friendly advice if you are watching one of my videos and I get kind of excited about what I am doing

‘I’m not talking too fast it’s your ears they are listening too slow hehehehe….’



My 2 princesses. My husband. My Family. Snow. Shoes, the higher and thinner the heel the better. Big curly hair. Souvla/Souvlakia. Lashings of mascara. Cyprus, Cheese! All cheese! Sweet and Savory! Except stinky and mouldy cheese! I still haven’t found a way to stop gagging from the smell or warrent putting mould in my mouth. But one day I really want to. Strawberries and Cream with lots and lots of Cream. In fact, Cream on anything, fruit, cakes, vegetables, meat. Meat! But meaty meat. Like Steak, Pork, Prawns, Crab (I know prawns and crab are seafood but they have the same full texture as meat). The thicker the meat the better and it should taste like meat not overpowered with too many flavours. Hollyoaks. Lemons and Lemons sprinkled with salt. Greek Salad. Training/Working out. Eastenders. Dishwasher, because I can hide all the mess I make whilst I’m in the kitchen and I don’t have to wash up after. Water! At least 2 litres a day. RnB and Hip-Hop, especially circa late 90’s early 00’s. Cinnamon, Olives, Foxes Glacier Mints & Caramel.

If I’ve tickled your tastebuds then Kopiaste (come and join me in Greek) on my yummy journey and sign up via email (on the top right where it says ‘subscribe for updates) to never miss a bog post.

P.S. Don’t forget ‘It’s all about the FLAVOUR’.